About Mirriam

Mirriam Musonda- Salati serves as the founder and CEO of U.K based Be Gorgeous Styles, an online e-commerce destination. She has labored in the fashion and entertainment industry for a long time. Her enthusiasm for fashion is exhibited in her career as a model and fashion designer.

Mirriam has also worked as a CEO of ZBIL a charity Organization. Her work in the firm enhanced her entrepreneurial skills and made her a long –lived style visionary. Her designs are exceptional and highly praised by her customers. Mirriam’s creations are perfect and very attractive to a large number of consumers within the UK and around the world. Her great skills in marketing have led to her diversification of the various products her organization sells. She not only sells women’s clothing and items she has further delved into kids wear and men’s wear as well. As a result, Mirriam is turning out to be one of the most influential women in the fashion realm.

Her existence in fashion is strong her business online is thriving at a great deal as she has great offers and discounts on the purchases made by her clients. She ensures that her customers are well served to their satisfaction as the firm provides for free delivery of items bought.

As a model, she also gets deals with some of modeling industries to dress their models with her stylish designs. Hence, she has a great network to market her clothing and fashion products. Her designs and fashion products reflect her enchanting personality. She has influenced a majority of the young women and men to try modern things in fashion. Mirriam has also stretched the minds and imaginations of her clients on what fashion could be like when new things are embraced.

Mirriam is the ideal example of a zealous entrepreneur wanting to satisfy the needs of the population in fashion. As a young industrialist in the fashion business, she greatly comprehends what her company should offer to the young and ever-changing generation. Her fashion and products is luxurious, affordable and fashionable catering for all members of the society.

Mirriam Musonda-salati whose experience extends beyond being an online entrepreneur. She has been the CEO of ZBIL -Zambian Bridge for Inclusive Living, that is a charity organization supporting communities in Zambia and that has proposals to extend its charity programmes to various other chiefdoms like Chief Mumena and Chief Matebo. At the same time, their programmes will be targeting one community in the other three districts.


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Mirriam’s experience as a model and her insatiable desire to acquire the required knowledge about the latest trends and updated products in the field of fashion help her undertake deals of companies operating in the modeling field for dressing their models with her stylish designs. These attributes help her in offering the latest fashion products and other items through her company.